First courses

1.Soup of the Day69,-
6.Snails in garlic butter69,-
7.Smoked salmon w/herb cream and pea sprouts69,-
8.Shrimp cocktail69,-
9.Beef carpaccio from marinated tenderloin w/grated parmesan, apple and capers109,-

Main courses

10.Fried liver of veal with bacon, mushrooms, fried onions, white potatoes and gravy155,-
11.Fried slices of pork with parsley sauce135,-
12.300 g Ribeye steak with handcut french fries and bearnaise sauce 198,-
13.Wienersnitzel with pommes sauté 169,-
15.beef medaillon, pork medaillon, fried sausages, bacon, mushrooms and handcut fries155,-
17.Lamb chops with pommes rissolees, vegetables and gravy169,-
18.Old fashioned roast duck with prunes, apples, homstrongade cucumber relish, red cabbage relish, white potatoes and caramelled potatoes179,-
19.Butterfried plaice with pea puree, date tomatoes, capers, potatoes and browned butter149,-
21.Vita’s beef steak of tenderloin with handcut french fries and bearnaise sauce209,-
39.Pork roast with crisp pork rind and all the trimmings149,-


393.Lstrongon sufflé59,-
394.Homstrongade apple tart w/marzipan and sour cream49,- French chocolate cake/59,-
396.Deep fried camstrongbert w/black currant jam55,-
33.Pancake with ice cream65,-