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Luxury Platter

VITA’s luxury platter w/curried herring, egg and shrimp, breaded fillet of fish with homemade remoulade, roastbeef and North Sea cheese. Served with rye bread and white bread.179,-

Open faced sandwiches

VITA’s homemade curried herring with smiling eggs, dill and capers69,-
Marinated heering from Christiansø with onions and egg yolk 69,-
Marinated heering with red onion, capers, apple and chives69,-
Handpeeled shrimps with egg yolk, tomato and mayonaise69,-
Breaded fillet of fish with homemade remoulade rye69,-
Chickensalat with sellerycreme, mushrooms and chicken skin
Egg and shrimps on rye69,-
Potatoes, chopped red onion, date tomatoes and mayonnaise on rye69,-
Roast beef, homemade remoulade, roasted onions, freshly planed horse radish on rye69,-
1.pcs 69,- / 2 pcs. 129,- / 3 pcs. 185,-

Warm dishes

Butterfried plaice with date tomatoes, capers, potatoes and browned butter169,-
VITA’s classic burger w/beef, salad, pickled cucumber and tomato, served with hand-cut fries129,-

BBQ burger w/lettuce, tomato, red onions, cheddar, bacon, sauteed onions and homemade BBQ-sauce. Served with hand-cut fries w/chilimayo
Caesar salad from skin fried rooaster with rustic croutons, parmesan and real caesar dressing125,-
Whitewine steamed mussels with parslay and garlicWith pommes frites + 35,-100,-
Pasta with chicken with tagiatelle, mushrooms and parmesan120,-
Shooting star with steamed and fried plaice, shrimps, asparagus, roe on white bread129,-
Ribeye 200g with pommes frites and bearnaise butter159,-
Pork roast sandwich99,-
Smoked salmon sandwich 99,-


Parisian beef (minced meat) w/pickles, beet root, freshly paned horseradish and egg yolk.125,-

On the side

Pommes frites35,-
Green salad45,-


393.Lemon sufflé69,-
394.Creme brulée69,-
395.French chocolate cake69,-


Carlsberg Pilsner32,-/54,-/72,-
Tuborg Classic34,-/56,-/74,-
Jacobsen Brown Ale60,-
Nordic Gylden Bryg35,-
Soft drinks32,-/49,-
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